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New additions - May 12th, 2019 1.  The next committee meeting will be July, 2019 2.  Yeovil Olympiads open meetings - Apr 20 click here Apr 22 click here 3. Latest Sportshall results- click here 4. New SW athletics website - click here 5. Clarification of eligibility criterion - click here 6. New form for clubs wishing to affiliate to the County AA - click here 7. Diary Dates : SCAA T&F May 11/12  - click here results 8. SWIC T&F July 21 - full details click here 9. Track 10,000m championships - click here 10. Mendip AC open track and field competitions- click here 11. Yeovil Marathon inc. the Somerset County AA championships - click here 12. SEAA U15/U20 inter-county event - Sep 7 Oxford - click here if you are interested Our Congratulations to Becky and Roger Lee, joint winners of the 2019 Jim Brunton award - click here for a photo