2016 Sportshall results January 24th, 2016 at Wellsway Sports Centre in Keynsham click here - Some photos of the team  2017 results Many congratulations to Peter Grosjean, Graham Norris and their colleagues related to the success of the teams in 2017 The Somerset girls "A" team won the under 11 Regional Sportshall Athletics Championships (North) convincingly  it's taken 7 years to return the title to Somerset For the press release - click here For a photo of the team - click here For information regarding events 2018-2019 click here "There was a ‘typo’ regarding one of weekdays on the online form and poster, both have now been corrected - so, please note that - both the morning and afternoon Championship/Trials events at Yeovil are on SUNDAY 9th December 2018" For a poster relevant to current  2018-2019 Sportshall events - click here For Peter Grosjean’s report on the 2018 Regional Sportshall final - click here  :-