The 2018 Somerset AA track and field championships May 12/13 2018 The Bill Whis Member of YOAC should consult team managers before entering as that club may wish to make a ‘group’ entry Online entry form - click here Excel spreadsheets (best for group entries) - click here Excel spreadsheet for athletes with a disability - click here Prospectus showing distibution of events across the two days - click here To determine your age group in this current competition year (October 2018 - September 2019 inclusive) -click here NOTE -this only applies to track and field tlecroft The 2018 track and field championships Results including list of CBP/record breakers Arena Yeovil Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button above if you wish to see old archived results - specify which event you are interested in (we can only provide details of Somerset/South-West events) The 2019 track and field championships The BW Arena Yeovil May 11/12th Guidance notes for the 2019 T&F championships You MUST read these notes before applying 1